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2014-07-10 Published on

How do you rate Arabic literary works that get international fam?


Friday 25th of October 2013 02:26:56 PM

The Literary Club in Riyadh has organised a poetry evening last Wednesday for three of the winners of ďA Poem


October 22, 2011 (Poetry News Agency / Following up) -- The 10th edition of "One city, one book" program to


December, 25, 2011 (San Antonio) ndash; Al-Jundi, 59, is a poet, born and raised in Syria. But San Antonio

Sunday 05th of May 2013 11:52:27 AM

With an international and Arabic participation the Babylon Festival for Cultures and International Arts


Mohamed Al Sayed/ Poetry News Agency Yemen - Yemeni Authorities had recently taken the name of the noted


December 10, 2011 (Poetry News Agency) ndash; Going hand in hand with a tradition of its own to bring its

Tuesday 18th of September 2012 11:40:34 AM

Intellectuals of the Sharjah province yesterday have mourned the late female writer Safia Anbar who died a

Friday 05th of April 2013 08:10:10 PM

Activities of the Saudi National Festival of Heritage and Culture, Al Janadriyah, in Saudi Arabia has kicked

Tuesday 09th of July 2013 02:45:09 PM

Kalima, the translation project initiated by Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority (TCA Abu Dhabi) with an


Riaydh, 13 May 2011 (Poetry News Agency) ndash; Saudi poet and media anchor Ahmed Al-Azab said revealed

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