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New ‘Exorcist’ TV show in development

New ‘Exorcist’ TV show in development

H. Shaw-Williams (

Time hasn’t done much to quell the terror of The Exorcist, which to this day still tops many people’s list of most terrifying horror films of all time. Based on the novel by William Peter Blatty, The Exorcist tells the story of a sweet-natured teenager who becomes possessed by an entity claiming to be the Devil himself, and the girl’s only hope is an extremely dangerous exorcism performed by two priests.
With the exception of The Exorcist Part III – a chilling sequel in which Jason Miller (who played Father Damian Karras in the original film) and Brad Dourif both starred as a new antagonist called “The Gemini Killer,” with their performances spliced together almost seamlessly through the use of clever editing – the follow-up Exorcist movies have been fairly underwhelming. Despite this, the sustained popularity of Friedkin’s movie and the potential for further exploration of the mythos have meant that a new adaptation of The Exorcist never seems to be too far away.
40 years after William Friedkin’s original adaptation of The Exorcist first sent audiences home with a handful of nightmares, Deadline reports that Morgan Creek has begun shopping a new TV series based on the novel to various networks, and that several broadcast and cable networks have already taken an interest in the project.
The series is being penned by up-and-comer Jeremy Slater, who doesn’t yet have any credits on finished films, but nonetheless has fingers in a lot of pies. He penned the screenplay for the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot and an adaptation of graphic novel series Fable, and has sold spec scripts for horror movie Tape 4 and action-comedy My Spy. When a writer is this in-demand by so many studios, they’re generally worth keeping an eye on.

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