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Egyptian actress Ghada

Abdulrazeq denies getting any cabinet positions proposal

Abdulrazeq denies getting any cabinet positions proposal

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Egyptian actress Ghada Abdulrazeq has expressed her amazement over some news that were saying that she was chosen to be the new Egyptian Minister of Culture in Egyptian Prime Minister Hisham Qandil’s cabinet.

“I have nothing to do with politics; art is my most important position,” she said. “This is just ridiculous and I do not know who put these news forth amid the ongoing turmoil in the country,” she added.

Abdulrazeq confirmed that she does not welcome any official position, pointing out that she prefers to care more about her “art” and to plan for her future plans in order to deliver her “message” to her audience. She stressed that she does not have time to respond to rumours anymore.

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