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With a patriotic theme

Al-Babtain releases 2013's calendar

Al-Babtain releases 2013's calendar
Al-Babtain Central library for Arabic Poetry headquarter. Al-Babtain Central library for Arabic Poetry headquarter.

Poetry News Agency staff — Kuwait (

Al-Babtain Central library for Arabic Poetry has released its new annual cultural calendar (the cultural schedule of the New Year 2013) which has been releasing it annually including new literary idea every year.

This year's idea is covered with a patriotic taste, put in a poetry form, as the most renowned Kuwaiti national poems were published on the calendar. Each poem combined with vintage style photos.

"This year's calendar will be different with its contents which differ from last years' calendars," announced the library at the beginning of the calendar with a photo of His Highness Prince al-Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmed. "We did not fly away from the orbit, but we tend to extend it."

On the calendar, each month has three poems for three different poets. Due to the patriotic style, it was expected to find the national anthem, the mother of them all, hanging at the calendar.

Poets whose poem was chosen are Mohamed al-Fayez, Waild al-Jassim, Yacoub Yousef al-Ganim, Abdullah Mohamed al-Otiebi, Saleh Abdulrahman al-Nasrallah, Fadel Khalaf, Adnan Yacoub al-Shaygi, Ali Hussein al-Sabti, Fahd Saleh al-Asar, Abdulmohsem al-tabtaai, Hazaa Muzaal al-Sallal, Ghazy al-Qasiebi, Hessa Zaid al-Rifaai, Sheikh Abdulmohsen Ibrahim al-Babtain, Raga Mohamed al-Qahtani, Abdulaziz Ahmed al-Rashid, Dr. Soaad al-Sabbah, prince Khaled al-Faisal, prince Badr bin Abdulmohsen, Yacoub Yousef al-Sabai'e and Ahmed al-Sayed Omar.

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