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Al-Almai says

Ministries of Cultures are shame

Ministries of Cultures are shame

Mohamed Al-Sayed

Sana, 2 April 2011 (Poetry News Agency) -- Saudi poet and researcher Mohamed Zayed Al-Almai mounted an offensive speech about the Ministries of Culture all over the Arab world.

Al-Almai considered the idea of having these ministries as a trustee over intellectual is shame.

"Intellectuals make organizations and not the opposite" Al-Almai said.

Here we have Mohamed Zayed Al-Almai in this interview with Poetry News Agency to clarify some important details.

-You were born in the south, how did this affect your poetry experience?

We are looking to two different cultures relates to the Middle Arabian Island, Hijaz and Yemen socially and culturally, but the culture we are talking about is a clear desert, but I was raised in a rainforest plains with forests all over the place cracked with springs and valleys, so every culture must affects you but not in a way that isolates you away from the world.

-Some people say that you are a rioter person, what do you think about that?

I do not know, do you think so?

-I meant in a literary way?

Our job is to declare the disagreements not the agreements, because people do not expect us to tell them what we like, so we must tell them what we don't like and why, but I do not think I am a rioter person; I am just a peaceful and simple man.

-You have too many fans, but despite that you didn't publish many poetry collections, why?

I didn't care about that much to be honest, and there were historical circumstances, like in the eighties we were forbidden to write, so how could we publish?, but a set of poetry collections will be published very soon in 2011.

- What is required from book fairs?

Every book fair must make each activity freely for every single participator or publisher, and must know that it is one of their rights to have their own activities, beside serving our language.

- What is your assessment of the Culture Ministries role?

It is so shame, the Ministry of Culture should not be a trustee over the intellectuals, it must be the custodians of human heritage and to embrace the monuments and so on, and to be the logistic supporter for the intellectuals, there are good examples for ministries of culture like the French Ministry of Culture, but the modern countries should not have a trustee organizations by all means.

-You are one of the poets who supports the Egyptian revolution, what is your assessment of the role of poetry in Arab revolutions?

I think that it automatically generates poetry, song and art through the revolution field, you see today in Sanaa, for example, chants and songs are generated, people naturally want to be driven by a Maestro, this may be the poet or the singer, the Egyptian revolution introduced beautiful songs, and there were very good poets too.

- "The spike guard" is one of your famous poems which you bemoaned your friend Garallah Omar, tell us about this relationship?

The poem says a lot about this, and my relationship with Yemen is strong and stale, and I have many Yemeni friends from all fields.

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