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About Us - The Poetry News Agency

The Poetry News Agency is the first agency to be firmly focused on poetry and literature across the Arab world. Our reporters and stringers are present in several Arab countries with the aim of covering literary events held in these countries and reporting news about writers, poets, critics, and cultural movements in objective, professional, and specialized manners.

In this capacity, the Poetry News Agency considers itself to be a leading agency in disseminating its breaking literary news on special scrolling bars on a host of media, including Al-Waha TV, Abu Dhabi Channel I, and the Poet of the Million Channel.

Apart from this, the agency enjoys strong presence on the international web through its website, which undergoes continual update.

A scrolling bar carrying news from the agency is also present on the websites of partner agencies. Agency staff sends emails, containing agency news, to thousands of subscribers every day. More developments will be announced soon, so keep logged onto our website.

2014-07-10 Published on

How do you rate Arabic literary works that get international fam?



Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi's poetry evenings attract a mix of student poets, some of whom have

Sunday 25th of November 2012 11:36:13 AM

Operetta marks UAE National Day celebrations


Scotland, 22 August 2010 (Herald Scotland) -- Despite the haze of pain-relief drugs for his cancer, through


Aref Soror Abu Dhabi, 21 March 2012 (Poetry News Agency) -- Poet and media man Turki Al Mariekhi, the

Friday 23rd of November 2012 12:25:13 PM

UAE union celebrates own members

Thursday 17th of January 2013 08:30:58 PM

Qatari poet Ojlan recounts poetic beginnings


Jassim Salman Muscat, 18 December 2010 (Poetry News Agency) -- Minister of the Court of the Sultan of Oman


Abu Dhabi, 15 February 2011 ndash; Last month the European Union celebrated the UAE rsquo;s successful


ALBANY, Ga. mdash; At first glance, one might think their eyes are deceiving them while they look at one


Walaa Abdullah February 15, 2012 (Poetry News Agency) -- The Egyptian Minister of Culture, Dr. Shaker

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